How to Play

By answering the Christmas questions or activities correctly you or your team can guide your Reindeer along the coloured “presents” path that leads to the North Pole. The first team to get their Reindeer home and answer the “Santa’s Little Helper” question correctly WINS!


This game can be played by as few as two, however, it’s more fun and much more competitive when more play. Remember no cheating, as it’s Christmas.


board5 Reindeer
1 Spinning Santa
1 Set of Questions cards
1 Set of Activity cards
1 Set of Santa’s Little Helper (SLH) question cards
1 30 Second Timer

Set up

  1. Place the question, Activity and SLH cards on their Board position.
  2. Check the Spinning Santa on the Board to ensure it can easily rotate 360 degrees.
  3. You are ready to play Santa in a spin!


To Play

Place the competing Reindeer at the start and the youngest player gets to go first.

Spin the Spinning Santa and:

  1. Move your Reindeer to whatever coloured present Santa has selected.
  2. If you have landed on a coloured present (blue, yellow or green) ask the relevant question, from the “Question” cards. If you have landed on a red “A” complete the task from the Activity cards.
  3. If you answer the question or guess the Activity correctly move again to the next same coloured square. It’s then the next player or team’s turn to spin Santa.
  4. If you don’t get it correct stay where you are.
  5. So you’re always moving forward in “SANTA IN A SPIN”

The coloured presents represent:

  • What Obama pet appeared on the Whitehouse Christmas card in 2012, their cat, dog or rabbit?


  • From the "12 days of Christmas", what do you get if you multiply the number of gold rings by the number of Ladies Dancing, 45 or 50?

    5 x 9 = 45

  • Which Harrison Ford film premiered on BBC1 on Christmas Day 1987, Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Temple of Doom?

    The Temple of Doom

Mouse-over question to reveal answer!

Yellow General Knowledge
Blue Music
Green Film, TV and Literature

You have 30 seconds to answer your question or complete your Activity. Should you answer incorrectly or run out of time then you do not move forward and the opportunity passes to the next player to spin Santa.

Should you land on an Activity card, you must perform the task on the card and your team must answer correctly within 30 seconds. No question, Activity or SLH cards can be passed over or across to the other players or team.

All cards should be replaced at the bottom of their packs each time a question or Activity is asked or completed.

To Win the Game

The first team to the North Pole who answers the SLH card correctly is the WINNER. In order to win the game you must first reach and answer correctly the Activity card just before the North Pole. If your team answer it correctly you can enter the “North Pole”. Once you have arrived safely in the North Pole you must wait until your next turn to answer a SLH card. If your team answer it correctly then you have WON. If you don’t then you wait until it’s your turn next and try again.

Do make sure you enjoy yourself Ho Ho Ho!